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river view

We live on a houseboat at Taggs Island with Hampton Court about 400 metres downstream. From the Tower of London where the other ravens reside it is 18 kilometres as the bird flies.

The boat name, Koraki, is Greek for Raven and is onomatopoeic, (i.e It's pronounced making the sound of the bird)

There are 62 boats on the island, one of them dating from the turn of the last century with the majority all purpose built in the last 25 years.
We have a small garden with a pond, Suellen’s therapy studio with a garden shed at one end and a carport. as well as the 2 deck houseboat. koraki

We have over 100 residents and it is very much a 'media' island with TV producers, musicians and songwriters, graphic and interior designers, publishers and 5 photographers and cameramen.
It is becoming younger too as we now have 14 children on the island, two of them actually born on their houseboat.

The island has been a home for houseboats for over 150 years and we believe is the only houseboat community in the world with mains gas, electricity, water, sewerage and road access.

dawnThe wildlife that congregate around the boats are one of the joys of living on the island and we have mandarin & tufted ducks, swans, mallards and hybrids, geese, coots and grebes. In the garden, all the usual bird table birds as well as ring necked parakeets

Right is the view down river from our lounge on a December dawn.